Sometime no HDMI video output on RPi2 - after restart works fine

I am having a new problem on RPi OSMC for the past few days.
After power on nothing comes up on the TV. Even though the everything seem to be working fine as I can shut it down using Android Yatse remote control.
After restart it works just fine.

Is there anyone else having same problem? Any solution?

Is the TV powered on before the Pi ?

Yes the TV is powered before the RPi.

Next time it happens, log in with SSH and run the following commands:

tvservice -s | paste-log
tvservice -m CEA | paste-log
tvservice -m DMT | paste-log

And post the URL’s that each gives. This will show what resolution your Pi is running in and what modes the TV is reporting are available. (Possibly none, if there is a communication problem with the TV)

Thanks. Will try it.