SONOS BEAM 2 & VERO 4K (MATRIX 19.4- latest version)

may I ask you which settings should be configured if SONOS Beam 2 (with Dolby Atmos Support) is attached to LG OLED TV C or G series (2022) through HDMI eARC. It is not clear to me how audio channels should be configured, how “output configuration” should be configured and other values. In case of passthrough settings, should I disable DTS as there is a no support on the TV?

Thank you.

A television that supports eARC but not DTS would be a rather odd combination. Exactly which model is your TV?

Post some logs with everything on and we should be able to see what is supported


Well it’s not rare from what I know. Taking LG and Samsung as example DTS is not supported and moreover not passed to eARC (DTS passthrough)

I may be wrong here but sounds familiar

I have a Sonos Arc and a Sony TV (which is cabable of DTS). I have set the number of channels to 7.1, Optimized. I your case, you should disable DTS in the passtrough section, because all LG tv’s since the C9 seriese doesn’t support DTS. The Sonos soundbars do support DTS, but no DTS-HD. So if you have a DTS capable TV, you had to set DTS on and DTS-HD to off, but because LG doesn’t pass through the DTS signal, you have to set DTS to off, too.