Sony AVR STR-DN1080, clicks/pops doing jumps/skips while Atmos+DD+ playback

A Denon AVR-X4300H here… It’s been rock solid even with formats that other hardware struggled with (DD+/Atmos comes to mind that we had severe issues with some time back).

jfyi: Found this article/announcement for the STR-DN1080 dated 4/14/2021 Audio is distorted when streaming Netflix content through a home stereo system. | Sony UK

Question is: Will this mean there will be a new firmware version coming, soon? :thinking:

I can’t help. No Atmos, HDR or 4k60 on my RX-V373. Also nothing fancy like video upscaling, which for me is a plus, or room EQ. It just does what it does.

Although the SONY article is listed under the STR-DN1080 support category, it only mentions the STR-DN1040 … so, there is no hope to see a fix for the STR-DN1080 in near future, then.

@JimKnopf - Any updates on your ticket with Sony? I have an open ticket with Sony Asia-Pacific and it’s been escalated past to Level 2 support and I’ve just sent them sample files to forward to their engineers to reproduce. Probably won’t hear much until mid next week as it is a holiday weekend here in Australia/New Zealand.

No, my support case was just for the SONY article I found but it addresses only the STR-DN1040 and STR-DN840. Let us know what SONY will do for you.

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I’ve been keeping up with Sony L2 support on this and they have multiple tickets open for various customers. Sounds like they have escalated to engineering and are trying to develop a new firmware patch…might take a little while to work it’s way through test though

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Does anyone have any recent updates from Sony on this issue?

I know that they can take a long time to resolve issues but are they actually working on a fix?

I haven’t heard anything - I call my rep at Sony every 4 weeks, probably due to call them again. He says they are definitely working on patch, but they can’t give an ETA

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Thanks spacemanspiff, that is good to hear at least.

Sony in my experience can take a long time to resolve issues but seem to get there in the end.

Hello guys, I have the same problem with the Sony strdn1080. I wrote to Sony support and Community but I have no news about a firmware fix. Is anyone have news about It? The worst thing Is that I don’t know if Is a problem with my Samsung 2017 TV or It happens with every brand like Sony TV, LG etc.

There are some improvements to HD audio passthrough in the next update. It’s possible this may solve your problem.

Thank you for your reply! Can I ask you where do you get this info?

When do you expect that update to be pushed out? I got an update yesterday so wondering if it’s in that one?

Also - to everyone else on this thread, I talked to my Sony L2 support tech again yesterday and he says he has been advised that Sony does have a firmware update prepared to address the issue, but they are having issues getting it through testing due to Covid staffing delays. He has two different estimates with one saying before end of year and another saying 2022 due to covid staff shortages in AsiaPacific.

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When it’s ready – there are still a few further changes to make.

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It’s good to hear!

@spacemanspiff have you got any news from Sony? I hope they fix this issue and it’s been years that they unsolved that

@Dareius96 @JimKnopf @sam_nazarko - Sony finally released firmware update M41.R.0518 for this specific Atmos issue last night Firmware Update to Version M41.R.0518 | Sony AP

Early user reports from the thread about this issue on the Sony Support forums indicate the issue as resolved. I’ll test later today/tonight and report back.


Whow, what a cool unexpected news! Thank you for sticking with it so persistently. :+1:

I’ll update this weekend, then.

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