Sony W8 never got CEC working

Sorry for yet another topic about CEC. It works fine for every TV I ever tried OSMC (RPi3) on, except on the new tv of my inlaws: a Sony KDL-50W807C (with Android), this is not just about the May update, they have been using this tv with OSMC since november 2016.

For some reason Sony tv’s are usually a bit troublesome when it comes to CEC but I have a Sony W7 (not an Android TV) myself and CEC works flawlessly out of the box.

All logs with debugging and event log enabled:

I tried messing around with a few CEC related settings via MyOSMC. I tried a secondary HDMI cable, nothing seems to work.
Also when I hit the “Bravia Sync” button on the remote and look up the Devices list, nothing shows.

Any tips appreciated.