Sort movies by folder

Can we have a sort by folder option for movies?

Can you explain further what you mean by “sort by folder”?

By default, Kodi sorts folders along with files based on the sort mode (name, date, etc.).

GUIs that have a “sort by folder” group folders and files separately and then sort within the groups. Windows always does this in Explorer.

Do you want to browse the movies added to the library in the same folder structure that they were scraped from? Is that what you mean? :wink:

Probably yes.
I mean, my movies are stored (sorted) by folders, not by genre, or other sorts. Would be easier for me to find a particular movie by knowing where it is on my servers.

Looks like didn’t scrape them at all. If you don’t want to, that’s your choice, but you’re missing out.

You can scrape them and then use file view in the library to browse the folders…

OK…File view I see that the Videos tab is broke down to media sources. Thanks,

Still learning OSMC.

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