Sorting movies with non-latin letter titles alphabetically


so this is a rather non-technical issue and I’m well aware of it being a pedantic, OCD-wannabe thing, but I’d like to hear from you guys how you handle your collection of international movie titles. Sure you can always go with the title used for the film in your country, but then again not all flms are released all around the world.

I’m speaking mostly Asian characters, non-Latin letters. Let’s use a Korean movie for example. Three possibilities exist:

악마를 보았다 (2010) ← title in Korean letters
Angmareul boatda (2010) ← transcripted/romanised title
I Saw the Devil (2010) ← translated title

Which one to use if one wanted to archive movies as close to their original form as possible? The more I think about this whole “sorting alphabetically”, the more I tend to say it’s impossible because “alphabetically” only contains Latin letters.