Sound Blaster Omni with Vero solution - need suggestions

Hi Guys,

I am new here. To make long story short.
For years I am using my old laptop with speakers Creative Gigaworks S750 7.1 (connected as 5.1) and external soundcard Sound Blaster Omni this set is connected to my old TV.

Now I would like to buy Pi or Vero(and use it instead a laptop), and configure it so I could watch netflix and other yt, vod websites.

Only question if it is worth it? will I be able to fully configure Vero and use it happily with really good sound quality like it is running currently on Windows?? :stuck_out_tongue:
Or it is useless and it is better to stay with laptop?
Can you suggest something?


I suspect your ‘old laptop’ struggles with 4k video, so vero would give you that (downsampled to your ‘old TV’)

The Sound Blaster Omni should work with Pi or Vero but you won’t get the fancy stuff provided by the Control Panel as that is a Windows app. Sound quality will be no different to your laptop.

Keep in mind Netflix and other paid subscription service like amazon prime etc are limited to 720p ( in best case scenario) On pi, vero and similar devices that aren’t officially supposed by those services

It is Asus N76VZ, with i7 3610QM, 16GB ram and SSD on board. It is hard for me to tell if it struggles because TV is not 4K. :slight_smile: I bear in mind buying new 4K tele, however I would like to omit neccessity of buying new soundbar for 800€, this is why I want to still reuse my sound set as it has good sound quality.

Oh right. So ‘old’ but still fit! My old laptops are Celerons at best.

TBH I can’t see a reason to change unless/until you get a 4k TV or want to use the laptop for something else.

Looks good! If I was you I’d install lav filters, mpc-hc and madvr and setup mpc-hc to work with lav filters to get proper hardware decoding

If you don’t have a local library I don’t see how any Kodi box, OSMC or otherwise being a good fit. If your going to only be using YouTube and paid sites you would be better with a walled garden player (Android box, Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, etc.) or upgrading to a smart TV that supports the services you want to use.

If those speakers you want to use only have analog line in then you would have to get creative to figure out how to keep using them. I’ve not listened to those particular speakers but I have serious doubts they sound better than even a modest priced sound bar.

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