Sound Droppping

Ive got a couple of small video files which keep dropping sound, after around 60 seconds I get no sound.
Testing the video locally, there is no issues.

media info

any thoughts?

It’d help to know what device you’re using.

Sorry, Vero 4K, latest OS

What are you testing on as a comparison?
Can you enable debug logging and upload a full set of logs?



Hi @sam_nazarko , ive uploaded the logs to:

Testing on a windows machine using VLC

many thanks

Hi Sam,
Is there anything in this log thats jumping out as an obvious cause to the sound dropping?

at a glance I cannot see anything regarding audio drops

<audiodevice default="true">ALSA:default</audiodevice>

indicates you’ve configured

“Default (AML-M8AUDIO Analog), PCM”
with a 5.1 speaker configuration at settings->system->audio.

Is this intended?
What device is connected to the Vero and what port is used for audio (analog, S/PDIF, HDMI)?

Hi, no that’s not intended.
I’m using hdmi audio to a demon Reciever

Please change this to HDMI.