Sound failure

Good day to you all.
I have been using OSMC on a RPi for months now, and I am watching a TV serie for a few days.
Recently, I had a system freeze while watching, system made it out after a while with a fluid video but a corrupted, clicking sound.
I rebooted the system, started watching again : same issue
Then I powered off, on again, problem remained.
Now here come the odd thing :smile:
I have /TV series/GoT/Season1 ; /TV series/GoT/Season2 … n
All episodes whithin the serie (ie, under /TV series/GoT/* have the same issue
Any other TV serie is read all right
If I’m readind the ‘faulty’ episodes from a PC then the sound goes out fine…
So the files located onto my local NAS are not corrupted.
But the entire serie (any season, any episode cannot be played properly thru the Raspberry.
I do not even think where I could start investigating … Any hint will be gladly welcome !

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. Please see How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC for advice on how to help us.

Thanks for answering so quick
I have just uploaded a complete set of logs according to the described procedures.
However, I don’t know if you will be able to spot the ‘wild cliking’ soud issue with this.
After an in depth browsing thry my media library (NAS hosted), I have a significant amount of files impacted : in different series and seasons.
However, those files can still be played either from a Dune media center of from a computer (Windows 10 and Ubuntu) with no hassle.
I am considering getting a new SD card a attempt a reinstall from scratch, but would rather avoid this as I’d have to get thru the painfull process of reinstalling the Pulsar extension.
Kind regards

You have to provide the resulting web address from when you u/l’d logs.

sorry for being such a noob ! :confounded:

New update has been pushed, is the issue still present after update?

I just installed it : no change.
Fluid video and machine gun / rattlesnake sound (in place at not, from what I can hear, over the normal soundtrack)

Do all files behave this way or just a few?

only some, but number is significant
I can find no relation between the working and non working
no working were played all right yesterday
they are still playable by other means (computer, other media center)
I am now trying to make a fresh install on a different mmy card

I have just completed a new install with a new card
Everything works great now
I am indeed happy but not satisfied …
I have kept the card holding the system with the trouble, if there is any information I can send let me know.
Warm regards

Problem is GOT starts out with 2 channel sound for the credits then changes to 5.1 sound, if your settings don’t allow for the sound stream change during playback then you get no sound. Can’t remember what settings need changing but if you play around you will find it.

Thanks to you all, but I never managed to get the sound back.
I went for a fresh install and now evrything goes lirn a charm.
OSMC, the mystery machine :wink: ???
More seriously, it’s a brilliant environment. As George would say : OSMC, what else ?