Sound gets distorted after skip forward or backwards in time while playing a media

The sound gets distorted like volume amplification is at +50db. that happens every time i skip in time forward or backwards.
This problem stands for both hdmi and analog output.

That thing lasts for one to two seconds after that sound gets normal again. no problems at all.

It is exactly if you super amplify a signal and that get completly distorted on speakers.
Do not really know how to explain this better.

Here is a template you can just copy, paste, and fill in as needed:
Device: (Rasp Pi2 b,)
Installation media: (SDcard)
Connection: (Wired)
Power Supply Type: 3A
Power specs: 5.2v
Peripherals: (USB hub with its own power supply)
Storage Device (incl. Network Sharing Protocol): (2 USB drives on the usb hub, NFS, SMB)
OSMC version: (2015.07-1)
XBMC version: (15.1-RC1 Git:Unknown)
Codecs: (mpeg2)
Audio/Video Output: (HDMI, Analog / HDMI video output)
Overclocked: no
Config.txt Extras: none
LINK to uploaded logs in pastebin (must include COMPLETE Kodi debug log)

I have try this on 3 raspberry’s pi2 b, always same results. I think it started after july update.

Please tell me if you need any logs and what kind of logs, since this is very easy to reproduce.

Thank you in advance.

p.s. i forgot. I am using volume amplification at 20.0DB as default for all videos. In case this is the problem.

20dB is really too high for the volume amplification setting - do you get the same distortion if you set it lower than this ?

In my experience, 9-12dB is the absolute maximum that is usable without experiencing intermittent clipping like you describe, as it takes a moment for it to react to the volume level when playback resumes. (Technically probably a bug, but if so it has been there for a long time, as I remember noticing it in Gotham)

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you are absolutely right sir. Using max 12bd this thing does not exists.

Thank you.


I’m having a similar problem where it happens in any media for around 15 seconds.
I’ve noticed it happens when starting and when skipping and the distoprtion sounds similar to certain parts being stretched then sped up to catch up with the video.

Device: Rasp Pi2 B
Installation media: (MicroSDcard)
Connection: Wired/Wireless (happens on both)
Power Supply Type: 3A
Power specs: 5.2v
Peripherals: None
Storage Device SMB NAS
OSMC version: 2015.07-1 and 2015.08-1 (tried both)
XBMC version: (15.1-RC1 Git:Unknown)
Codecs: mpeg2
Audio/Video Output: Analog / HDMI video output
Overclocked: no
Config.txt Extras: none
LINK to uploaded logs: Tried to use log uploader from the osmc addon but still seems to be uploading/retrieving
Will update when it has finished

Happens with and without Amplification

Variations in the pitch and speed of the audio after a seek is not the same issue that the original poster was reporting - which was clipping due to the volume boost being set too high.

What you describe can happen for a second or so after a seek depending on your settings.

Does it still do it if you enable omxplayer ?

Sorry, I just thougt that it sounded similar. I’m not saying the Audio IS slowing down or catching up, just that’s what it sounds like.
That has worked thanks. Looking at another Pi i had without updating I had missed that omxplayer hardware acceleration had been disabled after the updates.
Thanks for your help. So it was down to the default player being used over OMXPlayer.
Cheers, Chris