Sound Hat for OSMC on Pi 3B

Hi All,

I have completed the below setup for OSMC recently.

  • OSMC installed on a Pi 3B.
  • The pi is connected to my cheap projector via HDMI cable.
  • I have used OSMC UI to connect to a Bluetooth Soundbar.

Is it worth adding a HiFiBerry Digi+ hat to the Pi to improve the quality of audio streaming to my Bluetooth speaker while playing videos on Kodi ?

I understand that a sound card necessarily doesn’t do anything when streaming to a Bluetooth speaker ! Is is the same with Pi or does Pi onboard audio chip does actually process sound when streaming to a Bluetooth speaker and if so can that be actually improved ?

I have a CSR Bluetooth dongle connected to Pi that works well and so have have disabled onboard Bluetooth !

My projector is at a distance from Bluetooth Soundbar so connecting Pi to it by a wire is ruled out as I don’t want to deal with so much tangling of cables !

Would not influence your audio playback via Bluetooth.

Thank you @fzinken . That means it’s not a value add ! Already my sound bar optical in port is connected to another Pi 3B with HiFiBerry digi card so it acts as a Bluetooth audio receiver and a Multi Room music streamer with LMS server, Squeezelite player and airplay player capabilities.

My echo , Fire Tv and OSMC all connect to the above Bluetooth Audio Receiver ! OSMC is on another Pi and connects to HDMI 2 on my projector, Fire TV Stick connects to HDMI 1 on projector !

I am just asking because echo and Fire TV have good sound quality when connected to Bluetooth Audio receiver ! Whereas OSMc doesn’t sound as good !

Is the volume in OSMC turned up to 100%? If CEC is forwarding the volume commands then you can use the web interface or most of the Kodi remote apps to adjust it. You could also post logs so we can see how you have configured your settings.

Thank you @darwindesign . I haven’t tried increasing the sound in Kodi remote rather increasing it in Soundbar remot ! I will try it and let yo know