Sound interup issues (stops, video goes on)


I have a strange sound issue that I hope is easy to fix. My configuration:

  • Raspberry Pi 3B (wired connection to network)
  • 128GB MicroSDXC Samsung EVO MB-MP128DA/EU card
  • OSMC March 2018.03-2
  • Samsung TV UE32EH5300 (HDMI connection to Pi)

The issue is as follows:

  • Video plays, sound suddenly stops for 1 - 2 seconds, while video keeps playing perfectly
  • Music (mp3) plays, while sound suddenly stops 1 - 2 seconds

The problem occurs random. It could not happen for 2 hours, it could happen twice in 5 minutes.

I’m not sure where to start looking, please advice?



Logs showing the issue would help.

Thanks Tom.

Gladly do if you please let me know which log you would find most interesting ?

edit: Is this enough info ?


On which playback is the issue occurring, I’m seeing youtube and local playback in the log.

Thanks Tom.

It occurred here:
11:38:02.401 T:1926277632

Right before the CDVDMessageQueue warning (I don’t have any dvd or cd player obviously in the Raspberry Pi nor one attached by usb)

isn’t it the same as in this thread ?

(if so, downgrade the kernel until a definitive solution is released - as described in the thread)

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Seems it’s the same, can’t say for sure yet (it’s a long read). Let say it is for a moment (hoping someone would still look at my logs just to be sure nothing else is off) it is the exact same issue.

I have now changed to OMXPlayer instead of MMAL. And see how that goes.

Downgrading the kernel is a road I’d like to take if any solution (update) doesn’t come by soon enough. I can wait this out a bit, or if nothing else can be found and it’s 100% sure the same problem of course.

Not sure yet. I’ll test OMXPlayer setting now.

edit/ps: Is this the same reason YouTube and video playback, if you start a video, sometimes the sound only kicks in after 2-3 seconds ? Or this is totally unrelated ? Sometimes I have to wait for sound to start, sometimes not.


I think debug logs would be more helpful, you can turn this on via myosmc. If you edit the log level line in the advancedsettings.xml to:


Then restart kodi, It won’t show on screen that debug logs are on. Wait for the issue to occur again, restart kodi and uploads logs; then debug logs can be turned off.

Thanks Tom.

thanks, appreciate the help and info.

Did you notice my last minute ‘edit/ps’ in my latest post ? Not sure that’s related at all though.

I have set the loglevel. Now we wait :wink:


With the recent kernel update Omx is showing better performance over MMAL.

I don’t use youtube, so I can’t comment on this.

Thanks Tom.

I marked this as the solution the change to OMXPlayer in aforementioned topic fixed my issues.