Sound not working in 2 channel but working on 5.1 with passthrough enabled

Hi there,
strange situation for me, I am using Pi and Pi2 with a Harman Kardon receiver, for few weeks now my system sound works fine with passthrough enabled in 5.1 config, DD and DTS, but its not working anymore in 2 channel. Every time I try to play a 2.0 channel source there is no sound.
I have to mention, also when problem start to occur it appeared on kodi main screen (top right corner) a red silent symbol! I have it all the time now…as I said earlier 5.1 sources sound ok, for 2.0 sources there is no sound.

Any idea why this is happening? What could be the fix? Thank you.

Kodi is muted. Press the + key.

No, it is not that simple :joy: Volume is at maximum, but still the mute symbol is shown. As I said on any 5.1 source sound and volume are fine.

Try to press F8 (edited was wrongly F10) or use Yatse to unmute.
If both that is not working than provide debug enabled logs.

You’re a star!!! Yuppiii…thank you! That solved the issue!

P.S. I am using Kodi Remote for Apple and there is no Mute/Unmute option…once I used Yatse on a Android device, it was there! Never thought about it to go and try on different remote :slight_smile:

Mute is actually F8.