Sound not working in video

Hello everyone, newbie here asking for help

OSMC Vero 4k+
Samsung QE65Q80
Multiple HDMI cables tested

Sound is not working in movies, i will explain.
Everywhere in Kodi clicking sounds is working but when i try to watch some movie the sound will stop working.

When this issue started to happen ?
After Samsung TV system update.

What I tried ?
Change HDMI cable, tried different HDMI ports.
Tried different devices like PS4, Notebook on TV everything worked fine.
Factory reset OSMC.
Tried different OSMC builds via USB install.
Tried multiple movies with different audio codecs (AAC, EAC3)
Change different settings in Kodi and TV.


Thank you in advance for your help

We’re going to need debug logs. I can’t see anything too wrong in the logs you posted.

Hello everyone,

I tried factory resetting the TV and then cold start (unplugging the TV from the wall socket for a few minutes) after setting up the TV I tried connecting the Vero via a known working hdmi cable and everything worked correctly.

Hope this helps someone else too!

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