Sound not working in videos


OSMC Vero 4k+
Samsung UE50RU7470
Soundbar Sonos Arc

Sound is not working in videos. It was working until a couple of days ago. Maybe I restarted the OSMC device ? I can hear the GUI click sounds, but nothing in any video. I tried multiple audio formats/codecs, tried multiple audio settings, to no avail.

The debug log is here :

Do you have any idea of what’s wrong ?



Change your UI resolution to 1080p, your audio channels setting to 2.0 and optionally enable passthrough for AC3 and transcoding.

I did that and cold restarted the TV too (which I hadn’t done yet) and it worked this time.
I’ll then try reverting to my previous settings.
But if you have passthrough enabled, I suppose that the channels settings doesn’t actually matter, right ? Could I reset this setting to 7.1 or 5.1 ?

The “channels” setting is how many PCM channels Kodi sends out. The EDID information in your logs shows support for only two PCM channels. I’m not sure if this is a limitation of your TV or the soundbar and how you have it connected. If it is a limitation of the TV and your Vero is connected to your TV then setting it above two channels will be problematic for source material that contains multichannel soundtracks. If the Vero is connected directly to the soundbar and this soundbar supports multichannel PCM then you should be able to set the number of channels to what the soundbar supports without using passthrough and/or transcoding. There is a very informative guide to audio configuration that can be found here…