Sound Preferences

Any chance of adding 2.2 sound to the options? I have a sound stage and it’d be great to have it running as it’s supposed to. I see there’s 2.1, then it jumps to 5.1

Is there a lot of content encoded in 2.2?

My amp supports 2 LFEs, but the split is done at the amp.

I guess he means a kind of active crossover for stereo content.

There is no such specification as 2.2 sound.

The decoder/amplifier should produce that from the stereo signal.

Edit: A LFE signal is always mono as it is there to emphasize low frequency effects. But an LFE channel is not necessary to get all of the signal.
All the signal information is included in the stereo/surround tracks. The LFE is added on top of that.

So for 2.2 you need a stereotrack where the frequencies are splitted by a crossover network in the amplifier. Not the player. As the lfe is always mono and has no stereo information it will be played on both woofers simultaniously anyway. All directional information is in the other channels.

Yes – that’s what I’d expect.

Thanks for clarifying and your insight.