Sound quality

For me, Vero4K + is connected with the HDMI cable to the Onkyo 905 receiver. So I send a sound to Onkyo and it’s just decoded there. And everything works very well even Dolby True HD 7.1 sound formats.
Only even with lossless audio formats Vero shows 8bit?
Is this how it should be?
Do I have something wrongly arranged?

The description of the sound looks like this:
pt-truehd, RAW, RAW, RAW, RAW, RAW, RAW, RAW, RAW,8bits, 48000Hz

the amplifier displays:
Dolby TrueHD 7.1

The 8bit don’t mean anything for a passthrough stream. The sound information is transported untouched via passthrough…


Thank you very much for this information.

Maybe it would be useful in that case to change something in the software so that when choosing this mode it would not mislead the user?

That would be tricky to do, because when passthrough is enabled, the audio isn’t being decoded, so there is no way to know how many bits are actually in the audio stream. Kodi only tracks the name of the codec and the number of channels in the database.

The information seen “RAW 8bits” refers to the fact that the only processing being done is to send the raw audio stream across HDMI or Toslink 8 bits at a time.

I understand.
But maybe in that case instead of giving information about the audio stream, which is, after all, untrue to write only ,passthrough’’ ?

This would be purely a function of Kodi. It should be addressed with their developers.

There’s no way for us skinners to differentiate between passthrough audio and processed audio. It’s simply one infolabel we get the necessary information from - and that is populated by Kodi.