Sound randomly set to -30dB

Hi guys,

So I got two problems, one is covered here: Playback Video - sound stuttering after March 5th Update and appears this is unresolved as yet. No worries, happy to wait on that to get fixed. (in fact problem seems mitigated by utilizing OMX rather that MMAL)

More annoying than this problem however is my sound randomly setting itself to -30dB mid playback. so I all of a sudden lose sound while watching a video and have to open up the settings and slowly increase it back to 0 to get sound back, kinda breaks the flow of what I’m watching. I will post logs when I get them.

Has any one else experienced anything like this?

You have Spotify installed?

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Sorry, was away for a couple of days. Yes I did have spotify and I had noticed some weird goings on with spotify in my logs, a few hours after I posted my query, so I disabled it before I left. As I just got home, haven’t really had the chance to test out if that was the issue, but from that link you posted, it sure looks like it.
Thanks for the reply, hope this helps someone else who gets this issue.
Guess it’s back to Pandora for me