Sound through 3,5mm jack


I am unable to get sound through my 3.5 jack. From searching I have found that you should put the output device on analogue, which does not exist for me and also this:


I’ve put that in config-user however no dice. Any ideas?

Are you on the testing version of OSMC?
And I assume you mean config-user.txt.

Yes I am on the test version and I indeed mean config-user.txt

I guess no one has tested that on that version.

Okay, hopefully someone will :slight_smile:

Is there no one that has this issue / has it working? I can’t imagine no one wants to run audio through the headphone jack.

Try dtparam=audio=on in /boot/config-user.txt

No luck unfortunately,
I’ve ruled out a hardware failure because in Raspberry PI OS its working fine by forcing jack output through raspi-config. I don’t know what raspi-config actually changes to make it work but maybe I can try putting that in a config somewhere if anyone knows what it does?

Maybe share how your config.txt is looking on PiOS after the change.

But also did you check audio settings after reboot if now more audio cards are shown in the audio settings?

This works in config-user:

osmc@pi3matrix:~$ cat /boot/config-user.txt

For me this was enough, then after reboot I was able to choose in settings → system → audio → bcm2835 Headphones

Solved Ty :slight_smile:

Good good. I definitely need the dtoverlay here on Pi3b+.

I just found out that using a controller there are no GUI sounds. I was trying to use the GUI sounds to figure out if the audio was working so in the end I am not sure what is/was needed however dtoverlay=pisound

works for me so im just sticking with that, but just as an FYI there is apparantly a controller GUI sound bug. (might be skin related idk, but it’s not a big deal for me :slight_smile: )

Could you do a try without the line to check if it still works?
Also do you have a Pi3 or Pi4

I have a pi4. dtoverlay=pisound is necessary for me.

So without it the “bcm2835 Headset” device is not shown or just not working?

Here, it doesn’t show up in aplay -l or in Kodi (on RPi3B+)

It doesn’t show up

Thanks to confirm.
Really odd, will try with a clean install to see if maybe the install of any package made a difference (unlikely)