Hi, i’ve a problem with my vero4k which is now connected to a samsung soundbar.
Here is the scenario:
LG TV connected to the soundbar using the HDMI ARC. The Vero4K is conneted to the hdmi port on the soundbar. I’ve to keep this setup because my soundbar support Atmos but my tv has only ARC HDMI (not eARC) so if i want to use Atmos at least when i use the Vero4K i cannot go throught the TV.

The problem happens when i watch something on the Vero4k. After that when i switch back to the TV i got no audio. I’ve to disconnect the HDMI cable from the Vero4k to get immediatly audio on the TV. My idea is that for some reason the soundbar still think the Vero4k is playing something so doesn’t switch back to tv audio.
What can i do?




How long have you had the Vero for? Is this a recent problem or has it been an issue for some time?

Many thanks


Hi Sam,
the issue is recent because i just bought this new soundbar and i got it right after the first use.
I think i’ve fixed the issue changing HDMI cable (the one that connect the Vero to the soundbar).
I’m doing some more tests and will update this thread as soon as i’m sure i’ve fixed it.


Thanks for clarifying. There are some EARC issues reported here: 4k+ CEC EARC issue - #33 by shamael. I am investigating.