Soundblaster Omni Issues - 5.1 and random distortion

Hi Guys,

Using a RPi3

I have just started using OSMC, switched over from libreelec, and wanted to use my soundblaster omni usb sound card, using 5.1 surround sound.

In Audio settings, i can choose the device, comes up as ALSA and is analogue (dont have a digital connection) and I choose 5.1 in the channels.

This will play ok as 2.1, but wont output to all 5 speakers. I switch on Stereo Upmix, which will then allow all speakers to play, but has the odd crackle and distortion from the speakers.

I was wondering if there were any drivers I could install or any tips to make this work as 5.1?

I can supply a log, if needed, which I assume is turn on pi, play music and then upload the log?

Thanks in advance.

Found this thread which may help on my own issue. Will try it.

Still ideas and setup welcome, especially if anyone else uses the Omni.