Sounds cuts with USB hub plugged in


bit of an odd one here. Was getting random ARC dropouts on TV so did some digging and it seems whenever the usb hub is connected to the vero4k by usb, sound cuts out immediately. The hub is powered and is individually switched and all are off. In fact if I just touch the vero’s power cable near the input the sound cuts outs on the TV.

Does this sound like an issue with the hub (new admittedly with 5x drives on it) or the Vero?


You say that if the hub is plugged into the Vero you lose arc, but then you say if you touch the Vero’s power cable the TV loses power? This sound very confusing. If you unplug the hub is the issue with touching the vero’s power cord still present? If you unplug the power cord from the Vero and plug the hub in does the Vero power on?

Are you using the OSMC hub?


Typo - amended now. Sound cuts, not power.

Nope , it’s this one with a psu

Just a short test. Could you please try:

  1. Shutdown the Vero
  2. unplug its power cable and the USB hub uplink cable
  3. only connect the USB cable to the hub, again

Does the Vero start, now? I would like to see whether the hub is backfeeding power over the uplink cable.

Btw. the link you posted shows a hub without a PSU.

I had a psu anyway.

The issue isn’t with vero not booting, rather if power if supplied to it with hub connected, the sound cuts on arc.

I haven’t noticed the battery red light 9n vero in that situation Jimknopf so doesn’t seem to be

I would recommend trying with a higher quality USB hub and see where that gets you.

There is an official one in the OSMC Store: 4 Port USB 3.0 Powered Hub - OSMC


Yeah, only 4 port though.

Thanks for the help. I’ll replace the hub and report back if resolved.

Four ports that can each supply 500ma at the same time. The powered hub is only needed for devices that don’t have their own power supply. There is a few problems with a lot of these very low cost hubs. The first is that they are often wired in such a way that they can actually damage the equipment they are plugged into. There was one hub in particular that became infamous for its ability to kill certain Macintosh computers. The other issue is of the devices not being able to supply the current they say they can. This can be an issue with the PSU, or internal to the hub itself regardless of PSU used. It is very common for these hubs to only be able to supply as little as 25% of the power they are rated for. This is not a problem for most people as they are just using them with thumb drives or devices that require very little current draw. It very much becomes an issue when you are trying to hook up spinning rust that is drawing power from the bus.

Right . Worked out what it was. One of the ext hdd’s PSUs was running very hot. I have swapped this out and all sound issues gone.

Thanks to all for their input.