Space Used for OSMC on SD Card for Windows - Pi 2 Installation


I just got on to the OSMC Bandwagon and decided to Install on a SD card while I waited for my Pi - 2 to show up. Downloading the Windows Based Installer was easy and I can confirm that your Installer works on Windows 10 TP.

After selecting Pi 2 as my install flavour, it continued with a clean install and I was presented with a success notification.

Tinkering around the newly created Pi-2 capable SD Card, I found that OSMC had partitioned the Card into a 234 MB Partition and left the rest of the space unused.

I am just curious if this is by design and if yes, then why?


It won’t be unused after first boot. Installer will partition entire SD card.
Right now you see only installation partition

Ah Ha,

Thanks. Guess I just have to wait for the Pi-2 to show up and hold on to my horses until then. Will report back with the update.

Cheers Mate