SPDIF audio delay

Hi all,

I have a OSMC vero 4k box (did also have a mini pc with kodi installed) which is connected to TV via HDMI and amp via SPDIF. When I set my amp to do audio from the tv, all audio is perfectly in sync with the picture. However if I use the SPDIF connection then there is a very small delay in the audio (too small to correct via the audio delay correction in the menus) that is annoyingly perceivable. Normally I would leave as is and use the audio out via hdmi, but it will not passthrough the DTS, etc signal.

Oh and the output of the TV to the amp is via SPDIF also.

Can anyone help?


The delay in audio is often incurred by additional processing in the AV chain. This is why the audio then appears slightly out of sync with the video.

  • Can your TV pass through LPCM? If so, you could disable passthrough but set number of channels to 5.1 or 7.1. The Vero 4K will then decode the audio and send it as LPCM. You should not hear a difference.
  • Can you confirm that the Vero 4K’s SPDIF output is wired directly to the AV receiver?
  • Can you confirm if disabling passthrough helps with synchronisation? Do you only get this issue when playing back content with passthrough?
  • Can you put a rough estimate on how out of sync it is? I think the offset correction allows you start with as little as 250ms.