SPDIF does not work - Vero 4K

Hi folks, received my Vero 4K view days ago. Update and set up is done. Video Playback (4k HDR) works fine so far. BUT there is no sound over SPDIF. Neither in the menu nor in the movie. Sound via HDMI is ok.
VERO 4K is connected via optical to my sound system (sreenshot). The SPDIF OUT of the VERO 4k lights red, optical cable also.

If I switch same cable to my TV, it works (sound via TV - pass-through - to sound bar.
But this is a bad workaround, because it is a SAMSUNG KS7590 I have to change (or at least to check) manually the tv sound settings (maybe you know this SAMSUNG issue).

Could you please advice.
Thanks in advance



Are you saying the SPDIF does work from Vero 4K to the TV?

Do you hear menu sounds or anything?
I think you want to change audio to PCM.


I think, he means that sound from the TV is working via HDMI: Vero 4k → HDMI → TV → S/PDIF → sound bar… But not directly: Vero 4k → S/PDIF → sound bar.

Yes thanks Wuschel_Wuschel, That’s exactly my problem.

Direct connection Verok 4K -> sound bar via SPDIF does not work. No sound at all

@AE-Alex: Hi, I tested this for you with my Vero 4k and an AVR Sony STR-DN840 using SPDIF and a TOSLINK cable.

Here all works fine with your settings but I’m already using Debian Stretch [TESTING] OSMC images for Debian Stretch which will come as an update hopefully the next days.

What very wonders me that you even cannot hear the GUI menu sounds which make me believe that there is some physical issue between the Vero 4k and your Spectral BRA1 like

  • Cable issue? Light intensity might not be high enough using the Vero but just above operational threshold when using the TV?

  • Dirt in the SPDIF port of the Vero 4k? Very carefully you can push the protection flap of the Vero’s SPDIF port and look inside whether there is some foreign particle behind the flap.

  • A general incompatibility? Never heard about such issue using SPDIF. Is your Spectral furniture thing on latest greatest firmware?

  • A defect SPDIF port of the Vero? No idea how to verify this without another SPDIF receiver and second proved working TOSLINK cable.

@JimKnopf Thanks for your reply and the test.
I forgot to mention that a kind of splitter (screenshot) is between the vero 4k an the sound bar. After switching the cable direct to my sound bar…surprise…it works :slight_smile:
Did not expected that this cause the issue because it works with TV, PS4, PC…

Thanks for the inspiration to solve the problem :slight_smile:

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Have fun with your Vero 4k. :+1:

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