Special characters from subtitle track in MKV file are not displayed

Hi !

I’m currently using the latest OSMC release (2016.04-1) on a RPii3. I have a bunch of MKV files with a French subtitles track. French has many “special characters”, like accents on the letters ‘a’ , ‘e’ and ‘u’ (à é è ù) or cedilla on letter ‘c’ (ç).

When watching these videos with subtitles, only regular characters are displayed: the accented characters aren’t displayed at all, not even replaced by a space or a square.

For example: “Il a reçu Hélène cet été” is printed as “Il a reu Hlne cet t”

This happens with both Arial and Teletext fonts. I’ve also tried some other fonts from the internet (copied to /usr/share/kodi/media/Fonts/) and the issue still occurs.

I have a similar problems whit some .srt files… i don’t thinks it’s a problems related to osmc but i thinks it’s because some types or subs format do not support the unicode characters.

What’s type of subs has been used for yours mkv ?? You can try to use .ssa… i thinks there’s the best format for subtitles…

Best thing to do is to find the subttiles for your movie (subrip, .srt), then download it, and convert it to UTF 8 without BOM.

and if it’s not possibly to find online it’s possibly to extract from same mkv using mkvextract…