Specific video triggering sad-face crash

I will post some debug logs for this within the next five minutes, but in the meantime here’s a video extract that triggers the problem:


Given that the crash happens in the same place each time, it’s quite possible that this is a bad rip; but even so, I wouldn’t expect a bad rip to error so hard it actually crashes Kodi. I get a sad face error; then, when Kodi comes back up and shows the desktop UI, the output to the display is still tagged as HDR! I was also previously getting green-screen problems when trying to play something else unless I rebooted first. I’ve tried updating to the staging version, and that may have got the subsequent green screens to go away, but the original crash is still happening.

Logs coming soon…

Okay, logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/icaziwesem

Looks like a bad rip. It might be mitigated by remuxing the file.

I expect it is a bad rip. My point was, shouldn’t Kodi and OSMC be resilient enough that they can handle a bad rip without it bringing the entire system down?

In theory yes – but it’s probably ffmpeg that’s having a segmentation fault somewhere.

It’s not crashing here with our latest staging build - playing it back from a Vero 4K with a FHD TV connected.

I’ve currently no Vero here, so I can just read through the logs. I can see that the log stopped with

2022-09-23 15:43:52.560 T:3042    ERROR <general>: ffmpeg[0xaf7e26d8X]: [truehd] Invalid blocksize.

so i wonder if it’s TrueHD related? Does that clip have a different audio track? If yes, can you give that one a try? In the logs I can see there’re other non-TrueHD tracks. Can you give one of them a try?

It works here playing the TrueHD track…

Switching to one of the other audio tracks makes it play without crashing.

I did update to the staging build this morning - should I try another staging update now?

Without passthrough enabled it crashes here, too. That was the key difference. We know how to reproduce now. :+1:t2:

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This one could be related: Dolby TrueHD: Skip/fast forward shows errors in log and in some cases lead to crashs (#69) · Issues · GStreamer / gst-libav · GitLab