Speed bump from RPI1 to RPI3?

Hi everyone. New user here.

I’ve just ordered a new raspberry Pi 3 and a class 10 MicroSD. I’ve been using OSMC on my Pi1 with a rubbish SD and the speed has been okay, but loading long page lists can be slow.

Is there much of a noticeable increase in speed between the highest default overclock speed on the RPI1 and the 3? I know the SD will probably make a massive difference but it’d be nice if the overall running was a little better. It’s not bad at all by any means considering what it is… it’s just the initial loading of playing stuff as well as loading directories that I’d like improved.

I’ve looked on the forums about the RPI3 but can’t see much information on it yet. What are the best overclock settings for this. It’ll be running just OSMC.