Speed difference between Pi B and Pi 2?

Assuming using Pi as frontend to tvheadend. Is there a noticeable difference?

The pi 2 is faster with more ram.

Ah, yes. That I know, but is there a noticeable difference?

I noticed the pi2 is faster… i also noticed it has more ram… theyre noticeable differences.

OK. OK. Any RCTs done on this? Ie would someone watching a movie be able to tell the difference between the two without knowing which is which?

If the movie is fine on the pi b, then it’s pretty safe to assume it will be the same on the pi 2

Unless you play high bitrate blu-ray rips, video playback performance of the Pi 1 and Pi 2 is very similar. However everything else including boot time, time to install updates, time to navigate through the menus, time for video addons to find sources etc is much faster on the Pi 2. I couldn’t go back to a Pi 1 now…

Thanks! That is what I suspected. I will probably upgrade and move the old to my study/library, but that will happen later.