Speed reading and stutters

Hello everyone,

I have a vero4k+

I am new on the forum and I am French so please excuse my mistakes in English.

I have two problems.

The first one : I would like to be able to play my videos in speed x2, is it possible ?

The second : When I read large files of around 80 Gb, it stutters a lot and it’s unreadable. And yet it’s MKV. My connection speed with iPerf is 150mb/s wired.

Thank you in advance for your help

How would it be 150mb/s? Are you using powerline adapter?
Normally it would be 96mb/s or 960mb/s depending if you have a gigabit lan.

Not to my knowledge

Yes I’m using it

Ah they are know to give problems.
Suggest to test longer (5 MInutes) and both directions to see if the 150mb/s are stable
Also maybe check the mediainfo of the 80G file to see the bandwidth need.

My connection is very stable.

The mediainfo says it needs 54390 Kbps/s

Please post the iperf results
Can you run a direct Ethernet wire temporarily and see if the issue goes away?


Well then there is not much that can be done.
Maybe you want to try Kernel Mounts instead of Kodi access.