Speed up HDMI CEC

I have a raspberry pi3 connected to my LG tv. Everything worked out of the box (remote control via LG remote). The only thing that happens - after switching on the TV it takes around 30-40 seconds for the LG remote buttons to work (Pi3 is always on). Wonder if there is any varible that can be tuned to remove this delay?

You don’t quote model - my LG TV doesn’t respond to its remote commands for a very noticeable period, and I think there is also a noticeable delay in establishing the network connection.

I have a LG42LM6410 and remote commands don’t register for ~5 seconds after switching to the Pi 3 HDMI input. I’ve just got used to it. 30-40 seconds seems quite long.

Well i don’t switch the input as osmc is the only input. It’s an LG32LF650V.
So after powering on it doesn’t pass any commands to OSMC for around 20-40 seconds (need to measure it). So i guess no tunables available?

No, I don’t believe there are any tunables.
I would look at your network to try to see if there is any info available.
Are pings possible to the TV (I haven’t tried)?
Can you see what your router is doing?
Are you using network over mains?

This occurs for me as well, on both my LG and Samsung TVs. Not for that length of time, though, maybe 5-10 seconds of not responding to input.

On a side note, my LG and Samsung remotes do operate differently, though. On my Samsung, if I used the ‘Back’ button, it acts a a ‘right-click’ type of function, so I can bring up the menu on an item (i.e add a movie or TV to Trakt manager). Or, when a video is playing, it displays the video streaming stats (codec, bitrate, errors, etc). On my LG remote, the ‘back’ button operates the same as the ‘Exit’ button- it jumps back to the previous screen/menu.

Does anyone know the equivalent button on the LG remotes which operates as the ‘right-click’?

You should Google advancedsettings.xml kodi cec Buttons, it is configurable through that file

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press stop and play one after the other quick. that is the right click on lg hdmi cec.

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