Splash screen damaged after 2015.07-1 update


After the update to 2015.07-1, I do not see the usual splash screen on my Pi2 anymore. What I see is made of diagonal stripes, like in this picture.

System Info reports that my screen resolution is 720x576@50.00Hz

I have the same issue since Update 2015.07.1 Raspberry PI2 (SDCARD)

We’ll take a look


What does “tvservice -s” report?

state 0x80001 [PAL 4:3], 720x576 @ 50.00Hz, interlaced

Well, after the August update (2015.08-1) my splash screen is still damaged.

Do you have any idea what could cause this ?

We are well aware of the issue and it is on the todo list to fix it but it is not currently a high priority as it only affects a couple of rarely used resolutions and is only a cosmetic error during bootup.

It turns out that I have installed OSMC 2015.09-2 (with the osmc installer) on a new SD card, and the regular splash screen appears at bootup on the old 720x576 TV.