Splash screen is damaged


I don’t see the usual splash screen anymore, only diagonal stripes, mostly blue.
Please help.

A bit more information please…

Have you changed anything since the splash screen was working OK ?

Did you run any updates ? Have you connected to a different monitor that works in a different resolution ? What screen resolution are you running in ?

There is a known problem with the splash screen in 1366x768 and 1400x1050 that would cause it to display diagonal stripes - I’ve just fixed this a couple of days ago in our development version, I can provide a download link if you would like to test the fixed version.

No update that I can think of (except I may have installed package aptitude).

My screen resolution is 720x576 (composite output).

I noticed the problem before connecting to a different screen, whose resolution I can’t tell right now.

Can you provide a picture of the problem ? Are you using a Pi 1 or Pi 2 ?

Was the splash ever working correctly for you ?

It’s a Pi 2. The splash screen did work correctly.

Here is a picture (the screen resolution is 1920x1080)

After a couple of reboots the splash screen came back, and then it fails again.

I was playing with disable_overscan in /boot/config.txt in case it makes a difference.

That looks the same as the problem with 1366x768 that has been fixed. Are you sure that OSMC is not sometimes booting in a different resolution ?

Can you press info on your TV remote when you see the distorted splash to make sure it hasn’t booted in a different resolution as I can’t see any way that it would be distorted in this way if it was really 1920x1080.

Unfortunately I don’t know how to get this info with the TV remote.
If the changes in the development version fix my problem, I will get them through the update system.

I also saw this post which says that the keyboard-configuration package interferes with the splash screen. I did install it, but if I remember correctly the splash did not become distorted as soon as I installed the package.

If you want to try the fixed version of the splash early, do the following to download and install it:

sudo dpkg -i armv7-splash-osmc_1.1.8_armhf.deb

If you try this and it fixes the problem (or not) please let us know.

(Anyone else reading, the above is the Pi 2 version of this package, don’t install it on a Pi 1)

Why not…
Success. I rebooted twice and the splash screen is normal.

Thanks for the report. If it fixes the problem for you it means your Pi must (when the splash was distorted) be booting in a mode where the horizontal resolution does not divide into 16 (such as 1366x768) because the changes I made don’t have any effect on a horizontal resolution that already divides into 16.

Even if you set the resolution manually to say 1920x1080 in Kodi, the Pi may still boot in a different resolution if your TV reports something else as it’s “native” resolution. (This can be overridden in config.txt using hdmi_group and hdmi_mode)

At the point Kodi loads it will switch from this native resolution to your manually selected resolution, so this only affects the splash screen.

In System -> Settings -> Video output, resolution is set to ‘DESKTOP’ and cannot be edited. What does it mean ?

Has it always been like that or only since some updates ?

I don’t know.

I am having the same problem…I think it started after an update.
My config.txt


Should i also do the wget thingy ?
Is there a way from command prompt that i can see which version i have installed now ?

cat /proc/version

cat /etc/os-release

cat /proc/version

Linux version 3.18.10-1-osmc (root@vero) (gcc version 4.9.2 (Debian 4.9.2-10) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Apr 6 15:34:17 UTC 2015

cat /etc/os-release

PRETTY_NAME="Open Source Media Center"
VERSION="Release Candidate Two"


Could you try it please and report if it fixes the problem ? Does it look identical to the picture posted where there is a diagonal slant ?

I see you force 720p in your config.txt (hdmi_mode and hdmi_group) - did you always have that there ?

Yeah i set it by force to 720 because when the TV is off and the pi boots it doesnt know what resolution to put.
I’ll backup the SD and try.

yup, that fixed my problem.
Thank you

Thanks for that report. The fix will be included for everyone in RC3.