Split Video/File Stacking


I am considering the purchase of a Vero 4k+ as it seems to solve a number of issues I have with my current Nvidia Shield Pro setup, namely the ability to play back frame packed 3D. No DV is a real bummer, but I guess I can use another device for that purpose.

One problem I have with Kodi, on the Shield, is that split video’s (file stacking), where you have a movie split over multiple discs, is currently broken for ISO and bluray folders. This is a very frustrating problem for me as I have some important titles in my collection that are split. Is this fixed on the Vero version of Kodi? I have my library of discs saved as BDMV 1:1 and not interested in converting to MKV.


" File Stacking for ISO files, Bluray and DVD folders is currently broken and cannot be used. See report Issue: 16109"

Which version of Kodi is your Shield running? That might indicate if the problem is solved in the current OSMC version.


Then there would be no difference in OSMC.
Looking at the Bug Report you linked to it is also not clear if it was fixed with the other bug report that is mentioned there or if it remains unsolved in Kodi.

Do you have a small sample where we can test/reproduce this?

Sure, what do you require exactly?

While I have you Sam, Is there any chance that DV will be added in the near future? I read in other threads that you took issue with some of the legal aspects of the agreement with Dolby. Understandable, however I feel that having DV would make your device the best and fully featured media player on the market. For projector users wanting LLDV support, for devices like the Vertex2, it would would be a dream come true.

If the issue is present on Kodi v18.8 on your Shield, it will also be an issue on OSMC.

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