Splitting HDMI from Vero


I have the vero 4k+ connected to be my TV, and occasionally instead connect it to a projector. Rather then the inconvenience of unplugging the TV and connecting to the projector, I thinking I can use a HDMI splitter.

Though not sure which type, and does it need to be powered? I would not be running two devices simultaneously, the TV would be off ie. on standby while the projector is on. Can I simply use an un-powered splitter without degrading the signal; and do I need to worry about that the cable can carry a 4K HDR+ signal etc?

Any product recommendations (UK) would be welcome.


If you aren’t going to be using both at the same time, you might be better off looking at an inexpensive HDMI switcher. I’m not in the UK, but something like one of these (note, I own none of them, this is just to give you an idea what to look for):

The switchers should properly pass the HDMI identification information so that they Vero 4K+ sysncs up properly. With a splitter if the two devices aren’t the same resolution, it’s hard to say what might happen.