Sporadic Freezing Vero 4K+

Hello everyone,
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My Vero 4K+ has been freezing over the past couple of months but lately it has been getting worse, with it starting to happen everyday, sometimes twice in a day.
I can’t seem to see any obvious pattern as it happens randomly either during playback, browsing the UI, waking from sleep the next day or not waking at all.

When the freeze does occur, the system becomes completely unresponsive including when trying to access the command line. So to restart the machine we usually unplug the device from the power.

I thought it may have been a faulty SD card so I removed that the other day but that hasn’t seemed to help. I don’t really have the greatest knowledge on how to read the logs to spot potential errors or issues but if anyone may be able to provide any assistance on trying to get the Vero back up and running, I’d be super appreciative.
Logs can be found: https://paste.osmc.tv/asuyoxejiw

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Looks like some filesystem corruption and the system may be running out of memory.

Could you try a fresh install and see if this helps?


Hi Sam,
Thanks for the quick answer. :slight_smile:

humm I might have to leave that on the back burner for now, until I get some free time.

I can’t quite remember but please do correct me, to make a back up of the system I simply make an archive of both the “/home/osmc” & “/etc” using “sudo tar -cvzf” then if for restore I just use "sudo tar -xvzf ",

Unless you had loaded up some extra software that is running at the OS level you would likely find it easiest to just use the backup and restore options that are available in the My OSMC add-on.

Just before I make a mistake and jump into a fresh install, creating a backup using the utility in the My OSMC add-on and them simply restoring on the fresh system using that backup that was made.
I’ll end up everything again specifically the watched items, media status, the libraries, sources and the databases?

Yes assuming you select the respective options for both backup and restore. I think the default settings is to backup everything other than the thumbnails which should automatically regenerate on their own in most circumstances. They are not checked by default as they will significantly increase the time to make the backup and can cause it to fail if one does not have enough free space as the backup is created in the temp folder first before moving it to the chosen backup location.

Everything your talking about is contained in the ~/.kodi folder and you could even manually backup and restore that if you wanted. I personally don’t even bother with anything other than just connecting to the boxes over the network and manually copying that folder. I restore does require one to shut down Kodi first by accessing the terminal and systemctl stop mediacenter before replacing with the desired copy.

Another thing to try is different power supply. Mine recently also developed a “freezing” issue, after replacing it with a new piece all is stable again.

Ahhh, well that certainly didn’t go to plan.
Before resetting the system with a fresh install, using a couple of methods, I made a few backups. One using the back tool in myOSMC and a backup of the etc and home folders using the command line.

After reinstalling OSMC on the Vero4k+ on the Friday (3 days ago), I tried to restore the system using the tool in OSMC but that restore failed so I reinstalled OSMC again and restored the “etc & then the home” backups using the command line but after restarting the Vero nothing had been restored for some reason and the system was still stock. No settings but more importantly no libraries, sources, database, history ect ect.
Did anyone have any ideas on what I might be able to try…

I don’t even mind if I have to start the settings and add ons from fresh but as long as I could get the library, sources, watched history, playlists, things like that, back to what it was, it’d be really really really amazing.

systemctl stop mediacenter
rm -r ~/.kodi

then copy over the .kodi folder you had backed up.

Indeed, it’s important to stop Kodi before copying over any user data.

I would not recommend copying over the /etc/ directory.

Thanks, I’ll defiantly be giving that a go a little latter on. :slight_smile:

I suspect copying the /etc folder is what’s been hindering the process. I’ll definitely be trying again and will update on how I get on. :slight_smile:

Yep, you definitely had the right idea! Copying the /etc folder was what I was doing wrong. Its all working perfectly well now with the database restored. ::smiley: Time will tell if that’s fixed the filesystem corruption from the OP.

Once again I can’t thank everyone enough for all the help and bearing with my limited knowledge, but I’ve been making notes, for future reference. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

ahh sadly, it doesn’t seam to be fixed, with the issue reappearing a few weeks ago. OSMC was reinstalled from fresh, without restoring using any backups and minimal add ons installed; Trakt & open subtitles…

Hi guys,
Sorry to be so pestering, but picking up a thread from a while ago.
Where the vero 4k+ was constantly freezing/hanging everything, including the cli being unresponsive.

Continuing from the previous thread, the solution seemed to be working for about 4-6 weeks, unfortunately, the symptoms did return. sorry for the lapse in communication, it just was easier to keep unplugging and plugging in the vero. ahah
I know its all very busy right now with everything, but if anyone does have any other ideas I might be able to try, it’d be greatly appreciated and super helpful.

latest logs at: https://paste.osmc.tv/neluvuwoyu
previous thread at: Sporadic Freezing Vero 4K+

apologies if I shouldn’t have started a new thread, I wasn’t too sure of the etiquette for that…

Moved your post here as I think it makes more sense to continue here.

My first recommendation is to updated to the latest Version of OSMC

Also there was the suggestion to try a different power supply, did you try that?

There are also a few addons that can eat up memory (for example script.embuary.info is a particular example I can think of). Memory usage at 20-30% is ok and fairly normal, but if you see the memory usage of kodi growing over time and eating up over 50-60%, that means there’s some addon that isn’t releasing the memory it was allocated, and the vero is going to start slow down and is getting near the point of hanging.

ssh into the vero and run “top” and keep an eye on cpu and memory usage for a while. That can sometimes help you spot if there’s something sucking up the resources.

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ah thank you :slight_smile: on an off topic, do you know if there is a general consensus reviving older topics?
Yep, the power supply was swapped to a higher 2.0A. Hasn’t seemed to have helped… Just updated the vero to latest version.

I’ll definitely keep an eye on that
This was a snippet but without any system use for about a day, freshly restarted

but yeah I’ll check on this over the next few days, especially when/with system use. :slight_smile: