SQL Server with OSMC

Is it possible to install OSMC and a SQL Server all on one box, that will update and share the library across my other devices?

I would still like it to run Kodi so it can update my library as videos are added but it’s main function will be sharing the database across my other devices.

I have searched and found a few threads but nothing detailed that shows it is a 100% working solution for I’m looking for, and no detailed steps so nothing else breaks.

OSMC has the June update

If I get this working how would this effect OSMC updates?

Yes, should work fine. It should have no effect on updates.

sudo apt-get install mysql-server


The instructions for Ubuntu should work.

He can also go to My OSMC → Networking → SQL for simpler setup :slight_smile:

I already have an sql server on the pi1 but want to move it to my osmc pi as i need the pi1 for another project.

Thanks for letting me know it wont break anything.

How would i handle Kodi updates say the up comming Kryton? Assume just update OSMC as usual which will then update the SQL database?

Should i do apt-get update first?

Always update before any apt commands.

Gotcha what about the database updates hoping i wont have issues once Krypton is released

Update the database server first. This is generally not a problem.

Last question, am i able to store the database on a usb key instead of the SD Card. I’d rather have a portable database should the SD Card fail etc.