SRM7500 Remote Help Please

Hi Guys,

Hopefully someone can help me with trying to get my Philips SRM7500 RF Remote working with the latest version of OSMC on RPiiB. I have tried to setup the remote using the remote settings section of MyOSMC. I also ran dmesg and you can see the Philips RF USB dongle fine. But no matter what I do I can’t get the Red Led to comeon and therefore pair the remote to the dongle. The remote works fine in windows no probs and really want to get it going on the pi. I see there is a conf file for it as default in OSMC and read people have it working. I just can’t get it going… please help.

Cheers & Thanks in Advance :smile:

Got the same issue.
Selected the proper remote conf file in remote selection screen and the dongle shows up with dmesg, but the dongle will not light up and the remote is unable to pair.

Has this issue been resolved or is there any steps I’m missing?

I see there is a specific --device parameters that is required, is this covered as part of the remote selection process?