SSA subtitles not showing up one specific file

Hello all,

One file with SSA embedded subtitles is not playing for some reason. Other files show the subtitles just fine. When I play the file on my laptop (using mpv), the subtitles of this particular file do show up as expected. This leads me to believe the problem may be with the vero 4k+'s mediaplayer. Does anyone happen to know if there is a fix or workaround or is this a bug?

The full file in question (~800MB):

The first one minute (30MB):

Log file:

MediaInfo if it helps:

I don’t have any insight into where your issue lies, but the subs showed up when I played the 30 second clip so I downloaded the whole file and they show up there as well (using Vero 4K with the current stable release).

The subtitles aren’t forced, so they did not show up by default. I needed to go to the subtitle option and enable them when the episode is playing. Thank you for checking @darwindesign, because otherwise I wouldn’t have double checked.

This thread can go, because it is a trivial thing.