SSH and CEC Issues

I have a couple of issues with my setup.

  1. I can’t SHH into my setup, I get a bad password message. I don’t remember ever changing my password.
  2. I can’t uninstall SSH from the GUI, box pops up telling me it is trying to download updates which fail then tells me operations have completed successfully. (shh is still installed)
  3. Hitting ESC on the OSMC screen when I boot /reboot doesn’t do anything.
  4. Since my last update CEC is not working my Samsung TV doesn’t discover KODi and therefore the remote doesn’t work. (rebooted Pi, turn TV off at wall, checked HDMI cables )
    Given the list of issues, a rebuild would seem the easiest option , however I really really don’t want to have to set up SABNZB, Sickbeard, unpar and have to customize my homepage again.

Any advice?

Default username and password can be found on the Wiki

You can’t uninstall SSH, but you can disable it.

You need to do this after exiting Kodi.

Would need to see logs.


Hi Sam,

I am using the default username password (osmc/osmc). I get access denied. I thought if I could unistall / re-install ssh it would reset. Stopping starting the service doesn’t help. I will get you the logs as soon as I am home.

The password for the osmc user account (or indeed any user account) is nothing to do with the ssh server per-se, so its not surprising that un-installing and reinstalling the ssh server does not “reset” the password. Remember the same username/password database is used for local console logins as well. ssh is only one of many things that accesses this username/password database.

strange I can’t login using osmc/osmc when I exit to the shell either. I am sure this is the same username/password i have always used. I am sure i also use it for samba. my logs

It looks like you have your OSMC ssh reachable from the internet. If you have not changed the password your self obviously someone else was so kind to do it for you.
As your system is now poisoned you will have to do a full reinstall without recovery of any part as you could not judge which back-door your friends have installed.

Suggest you do a fresh install and before you open ssh to the internet (assuming you need it) read about security in the wiki.

@fzinken, yeah, that seems like the best option, but he should be able to recover the disk image and app server when he does the fresh install.

. At this point I would be happy just to get HDMI / CEC working. I have shutdown the SSH connection on my router.

@rajaken you talk about recovering the disk image and app server? how would this help me? It is really a pain to re-install re-configure sickbeard/sabnzb etc

People have been living in your house in the last couple of days without yourself being around. Sorry but to savely get them out of the house is unfortunately only to burn down the house.

What tv do you have? I might help with cec.

I have bite the bullet and rebuilt. Everything back to as it was. Except SSH should now be blocked.:slightly_smiling:

Means the rest is still exposed to the internet? Hope not, you generally should not expose OSMC to the internet.