SSH login issues with osmc account

Hi there,
I am having issues with SSH login from outer network. This is, I suspect, connected to some user settings. This is the scenario I am struggling with:
I am able to log via SSH from local network under osmc account (osmc username). I am not able to log via ssh from outer network under osmc account.
In despair I created new user. This one is able to log into system from either local or outer network. . So firewall is set allright.

Moreover when I log into the system under osmc username from local network I am not able to distinguish whether what I see is folder/file/symlink by its color. Everything is gray.
Different account, I set for testing purposes, can see everything colorful.

Is there any way how to “reset” osmc account? Or what direction would you recommend me to follow?

My setting:
osmc VERSION_ID=“2018.10-1”
PuTTY, juiceSSH for ssh connection.
public IP

Hi, just tried with juiceSSH from my mobile phone (external provider network) and works fine with redirect of open port of my router to port 22 on osmc.

Have you seen No SSH access from external net with putty ?
That time it figured out someone/somewhat has hijacked the user’s box.

Could you post your sshd_config? Command is paste-log /etc/ssh/sshd_config and provide the returned URL, here.

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Hi Jim,
thank you for the tip. That is definitely the same scenario happening to me. I will investigate and post a result here.

since the the conclusion of the quoted thread (No SSH access from external net with putty) is that the reporting user has been most likely hacked, I followed the same actions. Formatted system, installed fresh new.
Auditing my previous actions I found out that I most likely opened port 22 and did not secure osmc account with different password. “Most likely” is here because I changed provider, now having completely different ISP, location, hardware and not having the access to original router. I am not having port 22 open anymore, forwarding a different one instead.
Thanks for the advice. I am not posting paste-log /etc/ssh/sshd_config, due to not having that anymore.

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