Ssh login launches sudo command?

Hey everyone,

when I ssh into the installation of version 2018.06-1 of OSMC on my Vero 2, the first thing that happens is I get asked the user password by sudo.
(This is after I got rid of the NOPASSWD option for the user ‘osmc’ of course; before it just went unnoticed – why should all software run on my device by the default user be able to get superuser rights anyway, is there a good reason for the NOPASSWD setting?)

Do you have an idea which command the ssh login shell is trying to execute that needs (wants) superuser rights?

Thanks for any help,

Yes – it’s trying to check if you’re using the default password.

See Undesired password prompts on SSH login due to sudo command in /etc/profile.d/ · Issue #450 · osmc/osmc · GitHub.

Will be worked on soon.


This is still needed for Kodi and can break some functionality.
We are working on removing this dependency however.

Thanks a lot, the workaround mentioned there (disabling /etc/profile.d/ and by deleting them or just putting “return 0” in the first line of the file) works just fine. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it. I’ll give you an update when we have progress.