SSH Script - Can i run some "maintenance" from here?

Over internet some tips and tweak about kodi it’s ever suggest to do some maintenance to your kodi setup… some maintenace about clear cache or delete thumbnails etc etc.

Some guide suggest to install some addons have some of this feature included and runned automatically in background but it’s not my preferred option… at this point this is the question:

By a SSH session… i can create some scipt (for example launching by an aliases or similar) to do myself and manually for example every a months ?

I don’t get exactly what you want. But from what I understood I can advice two things:

Maintenance Script to e.g. delete unused thumbnails: GitHub - MilhouseVH/ Utility script to manage the XBMC texture cache

If you want to run a script once a month or so, you might have a look at cron/crontab.

I’ve never needed to do anything to keep my setup going, then again I don’t have a particularly massive library.

mmmmmmmmmm… i have found it by google… this apparently it’s not how i need… this apparently it’s a very andvanced script…

In my question you know the “maintenance” feature inside some addons ? I can send you a pm whit some of this addons whit some example…


I don’t know them, I don’t recommend them. In my experience Kodi/OSMC works great without any 3rd party maintenance tools. Why do you think you need them?

The only reason why I used “” was, that I once deleted a huge amount of movies and wanted to get rid off their fan art etc.

Meanwhile every months i use OSMC or ever a ever kodi setup you can know there’s so many other miths :slight_smile:

There’s are so many discussion about the advancesettings and cache/buffering myths… also i know now there’s about this cache over so many discuss suggest to clear some undeterminate cache and so many addons as suggest for do this whitout any explanation what really do this… :slight_smile:

Are you actually having a problem with anything? It seems to me that you are trying to solve problems that do not exist.

problems not exist now… but can be appened… and you know ?

Prevention is better than cure…

I can take another stupid example… windows it’s a basically good stable system right ? But without a bit of maintenance and a lot of attention by use can be append a very disaster :slight_smile:

I’m really not sure what maintenance and “lot of attention” a Windows install would require? I mean isn’t ease of use (without a lot of maintenance and attention) what made it the most popular consumer operating system on the planet?

I think you are overly concerned without any confirmed reason…

That re-install windows thing is a myth. And somewhat it’s people who are trying to sell you expensive (and mostly useless) registry cleaning tools.

I’ve been running OSMC (Raspbmc and on Linux systems) for a long time (at LEAST 5 years) and have never had to do any of this mythical maintenance that you’ve been reading about.

I hope your work it’s not a pc techinician :slight_smile:

It’s not a my principal works but it’s somethigs a part time hoppy… and trust me i have see,and i need to re-live, installation of windows 10 goes in crash also ever one months where the only solution was to reformat :slight_smile:

ok…but this does not justify the fact that it is not recommended and even destructive. . . . .

At this point we can says it’s highly optional (also similar reg registry for example) ? Sometime like not explicitly necessary ?

Anyway back to my question:
My OSMC it’s about two years…sometimes in very rare case i need to do somethigs like a fully re-install of some particular addons (one or two time for example i have need to reinstall the youtube addons) because whit some update it’s possibly some files it’s currupted or similar and a full reinstall of same addons resolve this issue.
In this two years sometime i do some manually maintenance… sometime for example i have found some “empty” folder inside addons folder and it’s rest of uninstalled addons (usually it’s setting.xml and other files)…

Rarely… for example and once per month i use an addons have an inside section for “maintenance”… an operation it’s not clearly explain:

  1. Delete the thubnails and the preview of image… every one or two months usually the addons says this files it’s about 1 or 2GB on my SD… possibly ?

  2. The seconds maintenance speak about a cache of downloaded addons… how i already says kodi apparently leave a “backup” of addons when it’s autoupdate from a repo or update manually from a zip file. This maintenance says remove this cache… i do this about one or two months… it’s deleted from my SD about 100MB/200MB every time.

At this point if this addons in my case it’s usually only for this… if it’s possibly to do somethigs like this my a ssh it’s ok otherwise it will continue to use such addons as I always have do because, yeah it’s not need ok but i don’t have obtain any problems :slight_smile:

At this point… we can I can also say this speech it’s over :slight_smile: Thanks anyway…

Ah… only a little edit… some info about rollback of addons:

Read Point 6…it’s say:

… Kodi saves old copies of add-ons in case you ever need to revert to a previous version…

At this point i thinks this it’s the 2nd maintenance do the addons cited upper here… it’s possibly i can understand how it’s saved this “cache” and at this point i can try to write a ssh myself to clean this cache…

None of this is specific to OSMC who has no control over how Kodi is written to use add-ons. You should be asking on Kodi forums how/why these functions occur. Good luck.


Good luck with what you are trying to do, as you seem to already be far more knowledgeable than someone who could A) Create a simple cron job [that you can’t seem to be able to do] and B) Has been working with Windows since version 286


mmmmmmmm… yeah… i’m still to know if i do what i do by a ssh line command.
If i found somethings i try to see what i do… i don’t thinks i need to create a cron job but i thinks i only create an alias on bash.rc for execute the commands by a ssh session…