SSL Support - missing? [RESOLVED: Not a SSL issue]


I’ve been having issues with the YouTube app as of today (bromix repo). Was always working prior to that.

bromix requested a log, which I provided, and he came back to state that I am missing ssl support which the YouTube app requires.

Will this be included at some point?


As far as I’m aware SSL/TLS support shouldn’t be missing… can you please post your log again using as the xbmclogs link just times out for me.

Thanks @DBMandrake. Here is the log again:


I don’t see anything in the log to suggest that SSL support is not present, only that the connection timed out:

Error Type: <class 'ssl.SSLError'>
Error Contents: ('The read operation timed out',)

I’ll try installing the addon myself when I get a chance and see if it works for me, as its more likely a network connection problem between you and youtube, or a bug in the addon.

Was it previously working for you in RC3 ? Also is your system date and time correct ?

Thank you - I thought that SSL missing would be a bit strange.

System time and date seem correct - Home screen showing correct location and time.

Yes, YouTube was working fine previously on RC3 and PiB. I haven’t checked if it’s actually working on the Pi2 yet - will check.

I think there have been several YouTube updates over the last few weeks.

It’s my understanding that the current default YouTube add-on is Bromix’s.

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Just installed the Youtube plugin from the Bromix repository on my Pi 2 running the latest OSMC and it is working perfectly.

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Thanks @DBMandrake.

Works fine on my Pi2 as well but not on the PiB - no idea. I was getting exception errors on the Pi2 but as Bromix mentioned all I had to do was delete the YouTube addon data folder and reboot. All good.

The PiB is connected via WiFi (WiPi) not sure if that has anything to do with it.

I think you are right about the network issue @DBMandrake.

I just unplugged the PiB and moved it 2m closer to the router. Instead of 2 bar reception I now had 3 bar reception.

I fired up the YouTube app and it worked straight away.

I think the YouTube app is very sensitive to how quickly it receives info from the servers and if it’s not quick enough the app will throw a script error. Something like a timeout being set too low to allow for less then optimal WiFi reception.

I have no other WiFi issues and the YouTube app is the only one showing this error. Otherwise everything else is working fine via WiFi.

I have posted on bromix’s addon page.