Stability of gaming (Raspberry Pi)

Hello there

this is not a rant or complaint and if nobody reacts - that’s fine too :-). I know that OSMC’s primary use is HTPC (and yet, I have a print server running on it at the same time) and it does a decent job. Still… I do wonder if there is anyone else but me who tried Retrogaming on Leia and after some minutes (maybe an hour) of (SNES) gaming got a stuck system, audio run in a second loop and the whole system unresponsive (including SSH). It’s very well reproducible - only the time until I hit the “sweet point” differs.

If I play the play the very same game inside Recalbox it’s rock solid. But I am sometimes too lazy to reboot to a different system.

So yeah… I did not do much debugging and with frozen system I don’t really see many options.

Cheers, jose

Raspberry Pi3, OSMC is current

There could be a number of reasons for that.

If you’re running a print server too, you might be hitting some resource pressure.

Keep in mind that gaming taxes the CPU and GPU components too. Is your power supply up to scratch