Standardize volume in KODI


does anyone know what I have to set in KODI to play the video files in the same volume? It is very tiring to have to adjust the volume manually all the time. One video is very silent, the other is very loud. Can’t the “behavior” in KODI be adjusted somehow, so that all sources are equally loud?

Thank you.



Your video files all have different audio levels, Kodi is just playing these back as they are.

By any chance are you using passthrough audio and the videos that are “very silent” ones that are something other than Dolby or DTS soundtracks? If so you probably have Kodi’s volume turned down. If when you use the volume buttons it is controlling volume via CEC so you don’t have direct control of Kodi’s internal control you can usually adjust it back up with the web interface or some of the app based software remotes.