Standby blue led

Yes, LED is here off.

@sam_nazarko , the state of the art is actually when the device is in standby = LED is red on and the device is in operation = LED is blue on.
Or, as the Vero does, the LED is on in standby mode and the LED is off when in operation.
Do you have other HIFI devices in your home directly beside the Vero V?
If so, which LED ( no matter if red or blue) is brighter?
I am not criticizing the function.
I am criticizing the brightness of the LED when the LED is on.
The brightness of the LED is definitely too bright.

Well - I’m not plugging the Vero V in to thin air. I don’t have standby lights on my equipment though.

If you want to turn it off during standby, that can be done.

We had a red light on Vero 4K as well as a blue light. People complained, so we removed it from Vero 4K + and kept it the same with the Vero V.


This is probably why you don’t understand what users mean by the brightness of the LED.
No, I don’t want to switch off the LED.
Until a better solution is found, I have darkened the LED with a foil.
However, this is not in the spirit of the inventor and should please be solved better by OSMC.

I think brightness is subjective. We usually get people that want it on, or people that don’t. I don’t think we’ve had requests in the past to dim the LED; just to change the behaviour.

Yes, everything is subjective, brightness of an LED, LED yes or no, LED red or blue.
It’s probably too late for the Vero V, but perhaps it in a few years’ time, when the next hardware is developed, a query about the LED will be launched.

  1. LED: yes or no?
  2. LED red for standby and blue for operation: yes or no?
  3. LED brightness strong (as now) or weak (so that it does not disturb in a dark room): yes or no?

We had red for standby and blue for operation and that was very much hated.

Something we can consider in the future for sure.

That would be very nice.
The only thing that really bothers me is the brightness of the LED.
I don’t care about the colour or whether there are two states.

Why not just leave the Vero powered on?
Problem solved.


That is something i will never understand. why put it in standby?
The device is using ~3 watt (26kwh per year). That only a few dollars/pounds/euros a year.
Maybe i’m just used to big utilities bills because of winter in canada.


The reason is that putting it in stand-by is (as far as I’m aware).the only way to turn off the HDMI output signal; and whatever device it is connected to (e.g. the TV or an AVR) may refuse to go into stand-by mode so long as it’s receiving an active HDMI input.

It can be turned off using a screensaver or via the command line.

My two cents worth opinion…

  • Yes, the LED is too bright, especially when compared to all other stand by LEDs in my setup…
  • Most common arrangement for other equipment is Red for St-by and (dim) Blue for ON
  • I have no equipment that is off - or St-by - with Blue and this attracts my wife’s sight as she think the unit is ON and, BTW, she HATES all st-by lights

As I understand it:

  • It’s NOT a dual color LED, so no option to have it Red for St-by / Blue for ON.
  • It’ not dimmable, neither.

So… MAYBE, an option to invert the logic AND another option to keep the LED OFF at all times would suit most, with some adaptation.

Do hope a change is implemented, though…

Obviously we can’t add a red LED post shipment but I note your comments about the brightness.

Perhaps we should make brightness adjustable with PWM in the future.

I work for a company that makes cable boxes and this was one of the biggest complaints we received with our newer hardware.
I’m talking about millions of customers.
By default our blue status light was on when the device was on and off when it was in standby.
This was a huge complaint because many of these boxes were in our customer’s bedrooms and people said that their entire room was lit up by our light at night and people complained about struggling to go to sleep.
Many of our customers covered the area of the unit with electrical tape.
The biggest thing we found from our large customer base was that most people prefer red over blue.
A red light on in a bedroom at night was less distracting than a blue one.
Major problem since there was no red LED on the unit and our company wanted blue to match our company colors, which red is not a part of.
So we were stuck with blue for this hardware iteration for sure.
We were able to put an option under “device settings” that allowed the customer to choose between: Hi, Medium, Low, and Off.
We stayed with our design of LED on (unless customer changed it to Off in the Device Settings) while on and LED off when in standby.
Since it’s design is an always on device, just like the Vero, we added a CEC feature and enabled it by default so that when our customers turned their TVs off the units would go into standby and the LED would turn off.
This way customers who were unaware of the device light options we had added and had the box in their bedroom would not be bothered by the light because when they turned the TV off our box would go into standby and the LED light would be turned off as well.

So in the end, the customer is stuck with blue but they can change it’s brightness or turn it off completely if they choose and the LED will be on when the device is on and off when it’s in standby.
So for whatever it’s worth, that’s what our company learned.

Personally, I don’t want any LED lights on at all when I’m watching my TV.
I watch my TV predominately at night time with all the lights out and any other lights on in the vicinity of the TV are just distracting when I’m trying to watch a movie.
So I’m glad the Vero isn’t showing any LEDs while it’s operational.
The only device I have that I even use the LED on is my LG OLED.
I enabled the option to show the red standby light when the TV is off because if I don’t I can’t tell if my TV is on or off.
My Vero screensaver is just black and with an OLED TV the panel is literally not emitting any light so it looks like it’s off when it’s actually on.
So I welcome the very dim small red LED at the bottom letting me know that I did in fact turn my TV off and I can go to bed with that peace of mind… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been doing many reboots with my V and learning all the ins and outs of how it works compared to the 4K+ and I will say that when it’s booting up and that blue LED comes on it is very very bright.
I have never seen an AV device with a status light so bright!
Anyone wanting that LED on all the time while the V is on is crazy in my opinion unless it can be dimmed.
If it could be dimmed then I can see why some users may want it on when the V is not in stand by.

Oh, and I am not a fan of the Amlogic splash screen at all during boot.
Reminds me of many modern motherboards these days.
They hide all the information with a logo splash screen.
I always disable that.
I’d rather see the boot information.
But that’s just me.