Standby blue led

Hi, there is a way to switch off (or decrease the intensity) the blue led during standby?

Tape, Nail varnish, Just leave the unit on

If you got kids and they havew lego, build a small lego wall, not permanent like nail-paint and won’t leave glue residue on your unit =)

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Bit of blue tack does the job

No technical solution to this problem?

The LED can be toggled via sysfs. But the standard behaviour is to turn it on during standby to indicate the unit is in a suspended state.

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Is it not a possibility to add control of the led to the My OSMC app?

This isn’t something planned – as the standby logic is implemented in Kodi itself.

Is it possible to reverse the logic? I would prefer to have the blue light on while the device is on and the light off when in standby or shutdown. This behavior would match all my other devices — light on indicates the device is on. Thanks!


Anything is possible in software…

I need to think about the best way to expose such an option to users however and where such a setting would go under Settings → System in Kodi.

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Got my Vero V today; nice item design, but yes, the supplied remote control is very hit n’ miss. Shame as my older Vero remote was brilliant; no need to point it even remotely (unintended pun) toward the device…

Am I right in assuming there is NO light on the front of this Vero V?
The light on my older Vero eventually broke and I found that a vast improvement! So I like that there’s no irritating light on the front of Vero V, if that’s how it should be?

Finally, within my library folders, if I view ‘music’ then the photo I had linked to that folder shows rather than a folder icon, but if I view through ‘videos’ I am only getting file icons - whereas the previous Vero would show my assigned folder photo. A small thing, but seems weird that one way works and not the other.

And I have downloaded and installed the latest updates.

There is a LED at the front that will light up when Vero goes into Standby.

Ah, well that’s better than a continuously glowing blue cross!

Which is what I just don’t understand… I’d like the LED to be on when the Vero is working, but I want it “off” when I don’t use it. Please?

You can manually enable the LED via the command line if that’s what you want.

I will expose a setting in the UI soon.


For now, you can run echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/class/leds/standby/brightness to enable the blue LED.

I haven’t tested the behaviour with standby but it won’t work as expected.

Thanks, looking forward to the setting! But what do you mean with enabling the LED? I want it “off” when the Vero is in standby.

I don’t want to implement lots of settings and make it like a plane cockpit with options for LED control for each state.

The LED toggling occurs before any wake or standby scripts are run however, so you could change the LED brightness in See [HOWTO] Vero 4K / 4K+ / Vero V: Performing actions programatically on Standby and Wakeup.

I have moved your posts because they have hijacked the original thread.

It is also my opinion that the blue standby LED is far too bright.
Doesn’t the brightness of the LED bother anyone when the hardware is designed?
Compared to other standby LEDs on other HIFI devices, the Vero V LED outshines all other devices.
Yes, it would be very helpful to have a setting in the Vero V menu to adjust the brightness of the LED downwards.
Masking the LED cannot be the solution for such a new hardware development.

The LED should be off during normal operation of the device.

Can you confirm this is the case?

Unfortunately the discussion of too bright will always be debatable by people. It’s not PWM controllable so it’s a case of either off or on…

I never suggested this. If you outline your issue fully I am happy to advise. Is it the case that you want to turn off the LED during standby?