Start EmulationStation from within Kodi?

Is there a way to start lets say EmulationStation from within Kodi?

Default boot should start Kodi just like always, if possible start EmulationStation from within Kodi.
If not possible, is there a way to stop Kodi, start EmulationStation and when i exit EmulationStation … Kodi starts again?

I think an option would be AdvancedLauncher … but what I just saw that it isn’t supported anymore … so it will probably disappear in the future

What do you guys think?

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I have no idea how to do that, but that would be awesome.

I’m searching for the same solution.
Until now I read about 2 different partitions, selectable by berryboot when starting up.
I didn’t like this approach…

Is there a way to write some sort of link to an external application (like AdvancedLauncher) ?
I would happily participate at that (though I need some sort of starting help)

The kodi blog mentioned a plugin called Retroplayer which will allow you to start games from the GUI and install emulators. It seems to me that this will therefore work on osmc out of the box when it’s released.

A year ago I looked into starting EmulationStation from inside raspbmc, but it were quite difficult. I think Retroplayer will be the official Emulator/game manager for Kodi.

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As sweet indeed I saw the post … didn’t think about it anymore … will have a look at the plugin some more :smile: