Startup with movies on the screen [SOLVED]

in skin setting we can only select the startup screen for videos, musics, apps…
there is no “movies”.

how can I set startyp with the movies display on the screen?

sorry, there is nothing about “movies” on startup.

again, we can customize home screen to begin with videos tap, music, app…
but there is not “movies” for startup. where is it?

Have you added a Movies source to Kodi yet?

yes. I see “movies” on navigation of theme, andI can display it fine by navigate.

only I want to startup with “movies” on the top of screen, but not “videos” or home screen of theme.

Use the Main Menu customization in settings and move Movies to the top of the list with the ^v arrows.

it’s not helping. I have “movies” on the top of list already. this is nothing common with startup screen. this starts up always with default home screen, and I do not see where to select “movies”.